Electrical Properties Characterization of Magneto-electric Materials

Nome do Pesquisador: José Antonio Souza

Agência de fomento: CNPq

Vigência: 02/2015 à 02/2018

Resumo: A considerable effort has been put forward in order to grow magnetoelectric nanostructured materials. Besides fundamental science, they are very attractive in the electronic industry as well as magnetic storage media, solar energy conversion due to their nanometer scale. Semiconducting properties along with ferromagnetic order functionality have been the focus in the area of spintronics. It is believed that all metal oxides in nanostructured forms would exhibit ferromagnetic order at room temperature which disappears in bulk samples. However, systematic studies on the correlation between electrical and magnetic properties are lacking. Within is context, we intend to study the physical properties of transition metal oxides and conventional multiferroic system in bulk and nanosized scale focusing on the origin of ferroelectricity and its correlation with ferromagnetism.

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