Nitric oxide donors to augment cutaneous nitrogen oxide stores

Nome do Pesquisador: Amedea Barozzi Seabra

Agência de fomento: Royal Society

Vigência: 03/2018 à 09/2018

Pesquisadores Alunos da UFABC:
Milena Trevisan Pelegrino

Pesquisadores Externos:
Prof. Dr. Richard Weller

Resumo: The co-applicant (R Weller, University of Edinburgh) has shown that human skin contains stores of nitrogen oxides, which can be mobilised to release nitric oxide (NO) to the systemic circulation on UV irradiation with beneficial effects on cardiovascular health. The mechanism of NO storage and flux remains unclear, and depletion of NO stores may occur following prolonged irradiation with reduced clinical benefit. The applicant (A Seabra, Federal University of Sao Paulo) has developed a range of NO donors based on metallic or polymeric nanoparticles coated or loaded with NO or nitrosothiols. These are complementary fields of research and AS will spend one month in Edinburgh initially learning techniques from the Weller lab? to measure NO loading of human skin and determine the photochemistry of this storage form. Training will be provided from the portfolio of modules available in Edinburgh on clinical research ethics and methodology. Using ex vivo human skin discarded from operations and NO fluorochrome and chemiluminescence based assays, we will study NO release mechanisms on UV irradiation and then measure how NO donors can augment natural skin NO stores. On her return to Brazil, AS will continue to measure the pharmacokinetic behaviour of locally developed NO donors as possible therapeutic agents. Reciprocal visits will be made by RW and AS over the two year grant period to further develop this research.

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