Eletrônica orgânica à base de nanoestruturas peptídicas / Peptide nanostructure-based organic electronics

Nome do Pesquisador: Wendel Andrade Alves

Agência de fomento: CNPq

Vigência: jul/14 à jul/17

Resumo: The performance of molecular electronics as biomimetic devices is mainly determined by the supramolecular organization of functionalized nanoscale biocompatible materials. The nanostructures obtained from biomolecules are attractive due to their biocompatibility, ability for molecular recognition, and ease of chemical modification. Peptide-based nanotubes derived from natural amino acids are superior building blocks for biocompatible devices as they can be used in a bottom-up process without any need for expensive lithographic techniques. The proposed work will investigate the efficacy of phenylalanine-containing polypeptides in conjunction with conducting polymers (CPs) such as poly (3-hexylthiophene) as active electronic materials. The primary focus will be on tuning the interaction of peptide nanotubes with CPs by functionalizing the peptide nanostructures. These nanostructures will be utilized in electronic devices such as field-effect transistors to understand the mechanism of transport and probe the interface properties of the peptide-based semiconductor/insulator (dielectric) interfaces.

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