Antimicrobial and antibiofilm cationic amphipathic peptides

Nome do Pesquisador: Vani Xavier de Oliveira Junior

Agência de fomento: FAPESP

Vigência: 04/2017 à 03/2018

Pesquisadores Alunos da UFABC:
Marcelo Der Torossian Torres

Pesquisadores Externos:
Dr. Timothy K. Lu (Broad Institute / Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT)
Dr. Cesar de la Fuente Nunez (Broad Institute / Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT)

Resumo: The increase in multidrug-resistant pathogens has led to the search for new antibiotics. Antimicrobial peptides represent promising alternatives to conventional antibiotics due to their broad-spectrum activity, their potency at low concentrations, and their multifunctional mode of action that decreases the likelihood of resistance development. This research project aims to search for new candidate antimicrobial and antibiofilm peptide therapeutics by designing and screening small amphipathic cationic peptides and testing their efficacy against drug-resistant clinical isolates.

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