Double network hydrogels containing micelles as physical cross-linkers: influence of the structural organization on the mechanical strength and stretchability

Nome do Pesquisador: Mathilde Julienne Gisèle Champeau Ferreira

Agência de fomento: Sem financiamento

Vigência: 08/2017 à 07/2018

Pesquisadores Alunos da UFABC:
Helena Sanches Pereira Ganança (RA:11201722183)

Resumo: Enhancing the mechanical properties of hydrogels would enable to enlarge their applications, including for biomedical applications. Various strategies have been developed to improve the tensile strength and the stretchability of hydrogels, among them, the formation of double network hydrogels (DNHs) and, since 2013, the use of macromolecular micelles as physical cross-linker have shown to be successful. This project aims at preparing three DNHs made of poly(acrylic acid) (PAA) and Pluronic F127 micelles. The three samples will differ from their structural organization: one will contain chemical cross-linkings of PAA chains; the second will have chemical bounding of F127 chains with PAA and no cross-linkings between the PAA chains; and the third one will be free of chemical crosslinking. By comparing the respective behaviour of these samples, the influence of chemical and physical cross-linkings on the mechanical strength and stretchability will be highlighted. The integrity of the samples in water and their water uptake will be evaluated. Moreover, the rheological and self-healing properties may be determined. The better knowledge of the influence of the structural organization of DNHs containing micelles as physical cross-linkers will enable to guide the design of tough and extensible hydrogels in the future.

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