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Página inicial > Notícias > Open Science as a Facilitator of Collaborative Research Webinar - March 8th - 10am UTC -3
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Open Science as a Facilitator of Collaborative Research Webinar - March 8th - 10am UTC -3

Publicado: Quarta, 02 Março 2022 09:24

The Open Science (OS) movement is growing all over the world. It has been recognized as a key factor in the advancement of collaborative research and sharing of information for the benefit of science and society. OS is based on the principle that all aspects of a research effort, including publications, data, software, evaluation processes, hardware specifications, and others, should be open to all citizens and subject to ethical and legal constraints. This has raised the concept of “as open as possible, as closed as necessary” and has highlighted the urgent need for new policies, new research practices, and computing infrastructure to support OS implementation.

This webinar aims to raise awareness, among researchers and policy-makers, of OS policies at FAPESP and initiatives by the European Commission and the OECD to foster OS. The panel will discuss some of its benefits and challenges and the implications of OS to multinational research collaborations.

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