Holography at low dimensions

Nome do Pesquisador: Dmitry Vasilevich

Agência de fomento: CNPq

Vigência: Dez/2014 à Dez/2017

Resumo: This project aims at understanding aspects of fundamental physics through studying the holographic principle and its implementation from novel perspectives. One of the main questions we pose is: how general is the holographic principle? For technical reasons we address this question (and many related ones) in lower dimensions, i.e., in $2+1$, $1+1$ or $0+1$ spacetime dimensions. More specifically, we aim to generalize existing holographic correspondences in two bulk dimensions, to find out whether or not there are meaningful holographic correspondences for theories whose bulk dimension is smaller than two, and to investigate and scrutinize recent proposals for flat space holography in three bulk dimensions (for instance, by performing suitable calculations of 1-loop partition functions and correlation functions on the gravity side and by comparing with expected results on the field theory side). Especially the latter project part is of considerable physical interest, since the holographic principle should also apply beyond the Anti-de~Sitter/Conformal Field Theory correspondence, if it is a true statement about Nature.

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